About Us

We are a team of two developers, one MacPro, one iPad, one iMac, one concept and a lot of dreams. We developed this service entirely by ourselves, during our free time after work by sacrificing a lot of beers and holy drinks.

Together, we have more than 18 years of IT experience which includes 5 different industries, more than 8 different programing languages, 4 types of computers (PC, Severs, Mid-Range, Super-Computer) and lots n lots of bugs.

One of us spent last 6 years developing complex systems for healthcare, telecom and finance industry and has a keen interest in data mining and information extraction. But, something was missing...
And, other one of us is wandering for 12 years in four different countries, worked for 6 different firms and wondering where he was going wrong.

Then we thought “Crazy people don't sit around wondering if they're nuts” and we wanted to do something, We had a dream, to startup Yumety.

Now we are eagerly waiting for your dreams - come join us, enter your dreams. Let your dream find a friend, let our dream find more and more of you!!!