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A New Direction to Social Networking?

Sept. 29, 2011, 1:34 p.m.

Last night I found more than 50 startups, all working on a social networking area. Yes, 50 you probably not aware of yet. But they are coming. If you search “Social Media” you will get 449,000,000 results on google – mind blowing. You turn TV and guaranteed some news station or some infomercial is talking about ‘social media’. Your email inbox is slammed with offers, updates, blog posts and the like all telling you about this ‘social media’, “social networking”.

And some of them will make you laugh (not in a bad way) and you may find their points too. Soon there will be social network for “fight together in daily commute and get a discount from local gym”, there will be social networking for “keep our faith and abuse jointly” – I mean we are undoubtedly creative.

The thing is, it’s not that we became social all of a sudden but I guess we are going through “Social Networking” boom and many of us spending hours on “to be social”. It’s crazy time and it’s now very very easy to be social – just click a button and people will know what you think, what you are doing – thousands people are “following” us (5 years before I’d call police for this and now we are proud). We can’t hide – can we?

But, I would like to ask you a little question - is this really making us social? Or, taking us to opposite direction by making us “Unsocial”? How many of our “Social networking friends” are our real friends?
How many of them really know us and care about us? Who are we sharing with our state-of-mind, wishes or desires?

Maybe it’s time for something different. Maybe it’s time to look for a platform where I can be befriended by someone similar, someone like me, someone who knows about, cares about us before even we start talking to them. Someone who is going through or have gone through what we are going through inside us.
Someone already knows all that I cannot express, share or talk about. I mean, Love at first sight does not happen with friends – it happens with unknowns. There are people who are astonishingly similar to each other, you can find out easily.

And, we did not have any platform for that. No one cared about our inner feelings, our wishes or our dreams and that is why we started Yumety. This is what we are trying to do on Yumety- dream, wishes, desire, and moods analysis. When you drop your dream or daydream we will build a character graph for you and then find a similar people. Then you can read their dreams and decide if you think they are similar and then start talking to them.

And it’s not just your night dream, we care about each of your daydreams. Every time we are escaping from our current situation and imagining ourselves in doing something else – we are simply daydreaming. And we can group you with similar daydreamers where you can dream together.

Also, We do not compare dream to dream, rather we try to understand you. If five people are dreaming about snake, we don’t call them similar dreamers.

Lets drop a drop a dream on yumety today, Let’s start dreaming together, let’s build our dreaming community, build a platform where we can be ourselves.

We cordially welcome you to
Share a dream, wish or desire – Lets dream together.