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How did I get through bad times? How would Yumety help?

Oct. 17, 2011, 1:38 p.m.

Back in 2007 I was really going through a tough time. Nothing seemed right to me. My recent move to a new country, people I was meeting, place I was living - each one of them was posing in front as a big hopeless question. On top of it, I also hated my job.

I would wake up in the morning before my alarm rings and lay down in silence without moving. A cloud of negative feelings would chase me through the day. One day as I was wandering through my nothingness, I found a university website where some guys were doing research on dreams. They had lots and lots of dreams from many different people from different age groups. I started reading them without any specific intention and soon I was so fascinated that I started to look for more sources. I would read 10/15 different dreams from various sources each day. Different websites, sleep lab, forums - I was looking for people’s dream like a kid looks for candies. And when I started reading, it was so overwhelming that at times I forgot everything about myself and felt as if I was dreaming the dream. A rainbow of emotions inside me was changing colors with each dream. I felt I was changing into a different person and experiencing their life, their ups and down, their tears, fears, happiness and sadness – it was like short stories or short movies.

And it was very informative - I was flooded by information. I came to know a Japanese belief about butterflies, the day golden gate bridge was opened (a guy was dreaming to be the first one walking on the bridge and mentioned the date). I came to know about the Native American Ojibwe culture which I was not aware at all etc, etc. Series of dreams desires wishes actually started reminding me of my own dreams and desires which I did not think about for a long long time. It reminded me of a childhood dream I repeatedly dreamt, reminded me of those desires and wishes which used to mean a lot to me once – and then were buried under my daily life’s events.

Most importantly all this reading injected many many positive emotions, helped me to get through bad times. I started focusing on my faded wishes and dreams, started looking at the big picture rather than getting buried under daily life’s incidents. I started to believe that reading others' wishes, desires & dreams is very vital because it determines the focus of our mind.

A passive person accepts whatever information is send by the environment. The environment determines such a mindset and usually that means negative input. We lose the advantage of taking control over our thoughts. Thoughts determine actions and focused action leads to accomplishment. So, feeding right thoughts to our brain is analogous to planting the type of seeds one hopes to harvests. Those wishes, desires, dreams were seeds - elixir of my life, helped me to walk straight on uneven roads.

And this is why every day, at the start of the day, I read people’s wishes, desires and dreams. It fills my mind with joy. It plants more wishes and desires in my mind which I never wished before. Each day when I scroll through yumety’s “public mind pages”, it makes me think that there is so much to do, so much to wish, so much to dream still.

Why don’t you give it a try and find out by yourself how it feels to read hundreds of wishes, desires and dreams of others?
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