Social Networking for Dreamers

November 28, 2011

While there is a huge number of social networking related apps of all shapes and sizes I have to admit that I haven't seen one quite like Yumety before. It calls itself a social network for dreamers and you'll see why. Yumety encourages you to write down your wish or dream and connect with others who have similar desires to create opportunities and friendships the world over.

Maybe it’s time to try a different kind of social network and explore your mind and meet someone with similar aspirations to your own! Yumety is a social networking app that let's you unleash your dreams, wishes, desires (or even worries) and connect with some of the thousands of other dreamers and members. The main difference between Yumety and the other social networks is meaningful contact. When you post your wishes and dreams here it may encourage an empathetic meeting from someone who is going through or have gone through a similar situation to your own. This is precisely what Yumety is trying to achieve. When you drop your dream or daydream we will build a character graph for you and then find similar people. Then you can read their dreams and decide if you think they are similar and begin talking with them.

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Startups entrepreneurs are often dreamers, passionate about an idea that they believe will change an industry, or perhaps the world. But the co-founders of Yumety, a social networking platform for dreams, are passionate about what people’s sleeping minds produce, the fantasies, nightmares and daydreams that speak to our biggest wishes, fears and hangups.

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Everybody dream while sleeping. Do you know that a person spends a total of about six years dreaming – which is about two hours each night? Most dreams only last 5 to 20 minutes. So, now imagine if you can connect with the people who have similar dream.

Yumety can connect you and give a chance to talk, share and exchange feelings.With Yumety you can make a ‘dream diary’ where you will be able to track, find trends, map facts to dreams and play with them.

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This new site lets you share your dreams and aspirations with people from all over the world, and become friends with them based on that. The aim of this network is to let you find similar people, at the same time that you have a chance to explore your own mind and you get to know yourself better.

And that's all the more true when you take into account how the site lets you have your worries shared and analyzed. In this way, anything that's holding you back and keeping you from realizing your dreams can be more easily dealt with.

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This NYC Start-up has a pretty unique approach to social networking. It provides a social platform where members share their state of mind and meet someone unknown but similar. its like meeting “like minded people” through an algorithm.

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We share everything these days- where we go, what we eat and who we’re with. But if you’ve ever woken up in the morning either disturbed or inspired by your dreams and wanted to share them, where do you turn?

Although the site looks like it’s from the Geocities era, Yumety might be onto something. The new social network for dreamers launched this month and is still in beta mode. Yumety’s platform connects people based on their inner personality by analyzing member’s dreams. Members need only publish their dreams to find similar dreamers with whom they can build a relationship. While I’m not sure I need another social network to connect with people, even it is on a totally different level, I find it pretty fascinating to read others’ dreams on the “public dream page”.

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Our true feeling comes out through our wishes, desires, worries and dreams. But most of the time we either ignore them or forget them and lose the opportunity to listen to our mind. And sometimes we don’t want to share with people we know . I have many wishes, desires and dreams that I wont share with my friends and families because I would feel too embarrassed and misunderstood. And I wished that I could find someone to share with those who wont be judging me and had similar wishes and desires – if you also think this way, Yumety is for you.

This NYC Start-up has a pretty unique approach to social networking. It provides a social platform where members share their state of mind and meet someone unknown but similar. You enter your wishes, desires, worries or dreams and its algorithm computes a character graph for you ( like your level of perception, emotion etc. ) and then it compares your graph with other members and suggest similar people with whom you can share, discuss or pursue a dream together. Read More..

A few weeks ago BetaBeat announced they were looking for participants to join their new web series dubbed “The Pitch.” As of this morning, “The Pitch” is now live and BetaBeat has posted a little bit of information about each of the eight startups that have been selected (from a pool of a couple hundred entries, says Ben Popper) for a chance to win up to a $100K seed stage investment from Lerer Ventures.

Welcome to The Pitch

October 9, 2011

It all starts with the pitch. Thousands of new tech startups will be founded in New York this year. Hundreds will be funded. Only a few will persevere to create a lasting business.

We sifted through hundreds of eager applicants to find some of New York’s top prospects. This series profiles them and captures the process as they pitch Lerer Ventures face-to-face.

Want to know more about the companies involved? Check out our founder’s guide, here.